Environmental policy of Günter Apelt GmbH

The protection of our environment is our joint obligation and the responsibility of each individual.


  • Responsible actions at all times to ensure the safety and health of employees and not to endanger the environment. Hereby, every employee is responsible for diligent behavior in his work area. Our management executives are obliged to assist all employees at all times in the perception of their responsibilities.

  • Health protection of the employees through appropriate supporting design of the work place and environment, through providing regular information and training or
    instructions, and by strengthening awareness for relevant environmental and occupational safety measures.
  • Avoid recognized environmental risks through continuous optimization of the processes in future. Every employee is obliged to report recognized risks to the environment or occupational safety immediately, to remedy them himself or have them remedied.

  • Observe environment-relevant requirements in the development or implementation of new methods together with conscientious handling of natural resources, as well as avoiding and reducing waste.

  • Inform the employees, our customers, our suppliers as well as the competent authorities regularly about our environmental objectives and activities or involve them in our efforts towards better environmental protection.

  • Encourage every employee to contribute to achieving our defined environmental and quality objectives by meeting his tasks through environment-oriented and targeted activities.